CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081
CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081


For over forty years, Cosmodyne has designed and manufactured over 400 cryogenic plants world-wide for air separation, gas generation, and liquefaction of natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen and argon. Their small-scale and larger modular process plants are valued for their efficiency, compact size, portability, ease of transportation and rapid on-site installation. Headquartered in Seal Beach, California, USA, Cosmodyne is supported by Cryogenic Industries' global group of sales, suppliers and service companies.

As a specialized engineering company, Cosmodyne's offerings include a series of standard plants as well as the ability to supply customized solutions. Below is a list of Cosmodyne's standard plants:

Natural Gas Liquefiers (nitrogen expansion and mixed refrigerant)

  • Open Loop (from 5,000 gallons per day)
  • Closed Loop (from 10,000-500,000 gallons per day)

Air Separation Plants (the below can also be modified to produce gaseous products)

  • GFED (4-7 TPD)
  • ASPEN Series (15-35 TPD)
  • POPLAR (50-200 TPD)
  • PINE (50-200 TPD (LIN only)

Nitrogen and Oxygen Liquefiers (5-300 TPD)

  • ELM Series

Nitrogen Gas Generator

  • LGN  Liquid assist high purity gaseous nitrogen generators (600  1000 Nm³/hr)
  • TGN  Self-refrigerated high purity liquid and gaseous nitrogen generators (1,000 Nm³/hr  2,100 Nm³/hr)

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Based in Gujarat India, Rhine Engineering is a specialized 135,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, offering a variety of pressure vessels, tanks and related equipment, as well as products and services from the three divisions it operates:

  • ACD India Marketing ACD products and offering pre-and-post sale service under license from ACD U.S.
  • Cryoquip India  Manufacturing ambient vaporizers and selling process units under license from Cryoquip U.S.
  • Cosmodyne India  Manufacturing small-scale process plants for Cosmodyne U.S.


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