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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081


ACD is a leading manufacturer of reciprocating and centrifugal pumps and LNG nozzles for all cryogenic liquids, and turboexpanders for air separation for the LNG and industrial gas industries. Based in Santa Ana, California, USA, ACD is supported by 17 sales and service companies in strategic locations around the world: U.S. (5), Canada (2), India (2) and (1) each in Germany, Malaysia, Australia, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Dubai, and Brazil.

As a specialized manufacturer and service company, ACD's centrifugal pumps are used throughout the entire LNG value chain. These pumps are used in small LNG plants to handle the transfer between process units, off-loading transport vehicles (virtual pipeline), and to maintain thermal and composition stability in storage tanks. Another fast-growing application is in fueling engines for marine, rail, and on-off road vehicles. New applications include transfer of nitrogen from processing, and pumps for formation fracturing and nitrogen lifting.

ACD offers highly-engineered solutions to the most challenging problems in cryogenic equipment design and manufacturing.

Centrifugal Pumps - One or two stage pumps to submerged pumps (up to four stages). Power range from less than 1-100 kW (industrial gas and well service) or 5-200 kW (LNG applications).

  • Submerged Motor
  • Boost
  • Trailer / Trailer Off-Loading
  • Belt-box
  • Vertical Sealless
  • Heavy Duty Gear Box
  • Close Coupled

Enhanced Oil Recovery Pumps (EOR)

  • Boost Pump/Trailer Off-Load (AC 18)
  • High-Flow (TOP 215)

LNG ~ For fuel gas system, bulk transfer, bunkering, feed to vaporizers

  • Gearbox (AC-14, AC-48)
  • Belt Box (AC/TC-21, TC-50)
  • Vertical Sealless (AC-32)
  • Close Coupled Pump (AC/TC-30)
  • Submerged Motor Pump (AC/TC-34)

Reciprocating PumpsĀ ~ For Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), leak testing, cylinder filling, storage filling

  • Vertical (P2K)
  • Cylinder Filling (RPSA, ACPD, P1100, NDPD)
  • Storage Filling (SGV)
  • Modular (X-9)

Enhanced Oil Recovery Pumps (EOR)

  • Well Service (GMPD, GUPD, SLS, SL2)

LNG ~ For fuel gas system, high-pressure feed to vaporizers, refueling

  • Cylinder / Storage Fill (P2K)
  • CNG Re-fueling (X9, SGV)

Turbo Expander Systems Produce from 200 hp to 10,000 hp ~ For natural gas processing and liquefaction

  • Hydrobrake (TH Series)
  • Compressor (TC Series)
  • Dual Compressor (TC Series)
  • Hydrobrake Compressor (THC Series)

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