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CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081

Cryoquip Announces New Vaporizer

January 15, 2013

Cryoquip Announces New Product
Cryoquip announces the release of a new product in its range of vaporizers for “Offshore Platform Nitrogen Vaporizers for Gas & Oil Well Service”.

The vaporizer is an entirely new concept “hybrid fan assisted” unit MODEL # EWH-HYBFAV-150-10-SP.

The purpose of the hybrid fan assisted vaporizer, which utilizes the otherwise wasted, “engine waste heat” (EWH) is to heat and evaporate nitrogen by using forced draft ambient air supplemented with heat from a radiator assembly mounted on the air inlet by the customer. A second heat exchanger, a model EGV, which has been available for some time, can be used on conjunction with the EWH vaporizer to raise the nitrogen gas temperature with heat from exhaust gases coming from an engine. This allows for efficient use of engine waste heat in the exhaust stream. The radiator assembly can be used to capture the energy from the many waste heat streams that are available from local power sources. Typical deck engine systems can have as many as 4 heat energy sources that can be utilized without drawing any parasite power for the vaporization. The fan on the vaporizer is powered by hydraulic pressure, which is already available, supplied by the customer.

The exhaust gas heat exchanger, radiator assembly (a model EGV, see the Well Service section under Vaporizers) may be positioned in any orientation. Generally the rectangular angle flange may be used to support the exchanger in the position necessary for the application. Normally the EGV unit would be placed in series with the main EWH vaporizer (downstream) in the Nitrogen circuit.

These vaporizers have been developed in response to the ever increasing demand for high pressure Nitrogen gas for Oil and Gas well enhancement, but using “green energy” to help the environment. To date these energy sources are being wasted and the utilization of these vaporizers effectively provides Nitrogen gas from “free” energy sources and at the same time improves the user carbon footprint and in turn results in a cleaner environment.

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