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Cosmodyne to Supply LNG Liquefier to Eagle LNG Partners for Marine Ship LNG Fueling

January 19, 2016

Cosmodyne to Supply LNG Liquefier to Eagle LNG Partners for Marine Ship LNG Fueling

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.; January 19, 2016) – Eagle LNG Partners (“Eagle LNG”) has decided to install a Cosmodyne, LLC (“Cosmodyne”) natural gas liquefier for a new facility in Jacksonville, Florida. This facility is being constructed to address the growing demand for LNG in the southeast. The natural gas liquefier features Cosmodyne’s safe, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective nitrogen refrigeration technology to reliably produce high quality LNG fuel. The plant will deliver great operating flexibility, allowing Eagle LNG to easily increase and decrease production in response to fluctuating market demand while maintaining high energy efficiency. This unique load-following ability to turn down production without an efficiency penalty is ideal for LNG plants deployed in markets where demand volume is developing or variable.

“Eagle LNG evaluated various supply options and we are pleased with our decision to partner with Cosmodyne,” said David Stevenson, Vice President of Engineering at Eagle LNG. “Cosmodyne demonstrated the unique benefits of their technology, including the simplicity and flexibility of operating their system. Equally important is Cosmodyne’s commitment and dedication to work with us as a true, long-term project partner.”

“Eagle LNG is an innovative leader in the micro-liquefaction industry. We are honored to have been chosen by them for their newest project,” said George Pappagelis, General Manager of Cosmodyne. “We will provide a reliable and cost-effective system that satisfies the unique needs of the new market it will serve, providing ships with LNG fuel. Cosmodyne is excited to play an integral role in making LNG a viable alternative fuel for ships and look forward to a successful project with Eagle LNG and their customers,” added Mr. Pappagelis.

The equipment will be designed and fabricated in Cosmodyne’s California facilities.

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