CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081
CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081

Cryogenic Industries (now a member of Nikkiso, Co. Ltd.) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of engineered cryogenic gas processing equipment and small-scale process plants for the liquefied natural gas (LNG), well services and industrial gas industries. Founded over 50 years ago, Cryogenic Industries is the parent company of ACD, Cosmodyne and Cryoquip and a commonly controlled group of approximately 25 operating entities, including Rhine Engineering (India), ACD Cryo (Europe), Cryoquip Australia, Cryoquip - U.K, and Cryogenic Industries Service Companies.


We operate with the vision that whatever we do, we strive to be the best at doing it. That philosophy permeates throughout the company. Cryogenic Industries offers the highest-quality, most comprehensive suite of design, custom-engineered solutions, sales and after-market services. 


Built on the foundation of operational excellence, Cryogenic Industries has a proven history of innovations, and currently holds 32 patents. Using ingenuity and experience gained from the development of industrial gas products, we have adapted our proven technologies to products made for new, fast-growing applications in the LNG and well services markets.


We pursue a customer-focused, results-driven R&D approach of innovative solutions, reliability and efficiency of products and performance improvement. Our custom-engineered solutions utilize the latest CAD and design and analysis programs, including 3-D design and stress analysis programs. This approach ensures that Cryogenic Industries' products are quality-tested, cost effective and state-of-the-art.

With a global network of offices and service centers on six continents and in 13 countries, we provide a global presence while able to respond locally. As the technology of cryogenics becomes an increasingly vital part of our global economy, Cryogenic Industries continues to develop and provide quality products and services to customers around the world.


Cryogenic Industries offers a challenging and rewarding work environment in an engineering-driven company. We pride ourselves on our team of experienced and dedicated management and highly-skilled and loyal workforce, who have helped build and secure the Company's success. Our staff includes more than 300 employees with advanced educational degrees. Included among those are over 100 highly qualified engineers with diverse backgrounds in fields such as cryogenics, thermal mechanical, electrical, electronic control and system engineering. 


Cryogenic Industries is committed to conducting its business in a fair and ethical manner, and in accordance with the law and the Company's values as formalized in its Policy on Business Conduct. Building a culture with such standards of integrity in today's complex business atmosphere requires a high level of commitment in every area of operations. Company employees, consultants, representatives and agents are all required to use sound business judgment, to adhere to Cryogenic Industries' ethical and moral standards, and to avoid all conflicts of interest. 

Their efforts are backed by comprehensive policies, communications, and training, all working together to achieve the Company's goals of integrity and propriety. All employees must sign and abide by the Policy on Business Conduct. They have the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance and report suspected violations of this Policy.

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