CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081
CUSTOMER SERVICE: +1.951.677.2081


Cryoquip is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Cryogenic industrial gas, LNG and hydrocarbon vaporizers and heat exchangers. Headquartered in Murrieta, California, U.S., the company has operations in six countries: China, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Brazil, India and the U.S. Its global footprint enables Cryoquip to comply with regional specifications and meet local customer requirements. 

As an engineered products company, Cryoquip offers full system capabilities including design, engineering, fabrication and installation. Their highly qualified engineers and technicians provide analytical expertise and customized design solutions producing some of the most efficient and reliable heat exchange devices in the LNG, well services, and industrial gas industries.

Cryoquip's core competencies lie in the engineering and manufacturing of a diverse line of cryogenic vaporizing systems that can utilize any available heat source, as well as related process equipment. The staples of the business (and manufactured at all sites) are ambient air high-and-low-pressure vaporizers, natural, fan-assisted and forced draft vaporizers.

Ambient Air Vaporizers HAI, VAI, WSV units; all manufactured using the patented unique spar link plate design

  • Natural draft
  • Forced draft
  • Fan Assisted
  • Uniflo
  • High-pressure
  • Semiconductor

Process Vaporizers  High-performance, direct fired units; spiral wound units for LNG

  • Water Bath
  • Shell and Tube
  • Well Services

Electric vaporizers, super heaters and CO2 vaporizers

LNG dispensers

LNG Terminal Send/Out Facilities 

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